Dealing with #loose #teeth

Research has proved that there is no particular age when teeth start becoming loose. In fact, the number of people complaining about loose teeth has increased over the years.

Loose-teeth-jpgAesthetic dentist Dr Karishma Jaradi says, “We have figured out that the two major reasons for loose teeth are gum diseases and trauma to the mouth.”

Minerals such as calcium and silica are vital for mending and rebuilding tooth structure, say dentists. “Vitamins C, D, and K are also important for gum health and tooth strength, so you can include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet (citrus fruits like lime juice, orange etc),” says Dr Jaradi.

“Gum diseases and loose teeth are curable and the effect can be completely reversed. Many advanced methods like laser treatments are also available to fix dental problems. To get the right treatment without much difficulty, it is essential to visit the dentist regularly.”

– Bone loss, most commonly caused by gum disease (aka periodontal disease). Gum disease is proven to elevate the risk for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other serious health problems. Ignore at your own risk.

– Poor oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes and a lack of consistent dental cleanings can lead to periodontal disease.

– Loose teeth also occur due to bacteria accumulation.

– Accretion of food and bacteria under your gums that remain long enough leads to the spread of infection, causing gum tissue to loosen their hold on your teeth, hence resulting in loose teeth.

Effects (if left untreated)
The infection destroys connecting fibres and deteriorates the supporting bone that actually holds the teeth in your mouth. In usual cases, people remain unaware of the disease as it’s painless, until symptoms such as loose teeth, gum bleeding, and bad breath appear.

– Extensive gum cleansing prevents underlying periodontal disease. Discomfort while chewing food is an indication for people to get their dental check-up done.

– If your teeth structure is not perfectly aligned it can be rectified by minor reshaping of the biting surfaces of the teeth. Bite adjustment and alignment is achieved with orthodontic treatment.

– Teeth that are loosened by grinding or clenching habit can be firmed by wearing a night guard. The night guard fits over your teeth and prevents grinding. Teeth, which are loose and move in all directions, may have to be extracted.

Home remedies
– A mixture of black pepper and turmeric can be used to massage gums.
– A mixture of table salt and mustard oil can help strengthen gums and prevent loose teeth.
– Rinse your mouth with mixture of amla extract and clean water.


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