5 Places you should avoid using your #smartphone

The smartphone is the most ubiquitous sym bol of the digital era. It seems that everywhere you go, people are busy tapping and swiping their phone screens.While the very idea of owning a smartphone is to be constantly connected on the go, there are some places you should avoid using them. We list five of them…!

Apps1. THE CAR: Sure, it gets boring spending long commutes -especially when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and at seemingly endless red lights -listening to music.But that doesn’t mean you should spend all your time texting or on social networking sites, even if you’re in slow-moving traffic. You may end up missing a signal, or being involved in an accident because you haven’t been paying attention to the road. You may also want to avoid taking car selfies for the same reason.

2. THE THEATRE: Yes, you shouldn’t take or make calls when you’re watching a movie at a theatre. But that doesn’t mean you should text or tweet throughout the movie either. Remember, those LCD phone screen displays light up quite a bit of theatre and can be an annoyance to your fellow film-goers.

3. TRIAL ROOMS: We all know the hard-to-resist temptation to pick up your smartphone when you’re in a trial room to send a selfie to your bestie in a new outfit to get an opinion on whether you should pick it up. This r may be permissible when the store is empty , but not on Day t 1 of a sale, or any other time that the store is crowded. If you did, you’d be holding up a queue of potentially irritable s shoppers whose wrath you don’t want to incur.

4. RESTAURANTS: It’s cool to check-in to restau rants and upload pictures of t the food you’re served, but r it’s best not to subject the world to bite-for-bite tweets of everything you’re eating. It’s not only annoying for your online followers, but it also means you’re being rude to your dining companion.Check-in if you must, but save the picture-uploading for later. And remember to turn off the flash so that you don’t disturb other diners.

5. STREET CROSSINGS: This one’s a no-brainer, but there are still lots of people out there who text when they’re crossing the road.The most common-sense thing to do is to place your phone in your pocket or your bag, look both ways and then cross the street.


2 thoughts on “5 Places you should avoid using your #smartphone

  1. [ Smiles ] I will carry my smartphone with me to the restaurant. However, I am not going to take out any pictures of me eating food.

    The purpose of me having a smartphone is: that can people can call me in an emergency while I am out.

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