Why #laughing at yourself is #cool

When Alia Bhatt made the biggest faux pas on a chat show by calling Prithviraj Chavan the President of India, the entire world pointed fingers at her and made her the butt of all jokes -` Alia Bhatt is so dumb that she thinks Dino Morea is son of Ganapati Bappa Morea’ and other mean jibes were thrown at her across the Internet.

1402743989-AliaBhattP-oBut after lying low for a while, she came up with a hilarious, I-laugh-at-myself video, in which she’s shown increasing her `brain size’ and consequently , her GK. This video turned the table on them, and now, she’s the darling of a lot of people! And the latest to join this poke-fun-at-yourself bandwagon is Siddharth Mallya, who attempts to answer questions that people send him on social media.

By doing so, apart from humanising themselves, these celebrities have shown that not taking yourself too seriously is the new cool thing! Here are four reasons why we think laughing at yourself is awesome.


Every one has flaws, but the line that separates you from the uncle, who never smiles, is the way you take a joke. People love making fun of others. But when you laugh with them, at yourself, you’ll come across as an easy-going, lovable person. “It’s better to make peace with your shortcomings and enjoy it. Take Alia Bhatt’s case. Everybody thought she was daft, but when she came up with the video, she became this cool thing who knows how to take a joke,” shares Anjali Parvati Koda, a stand-up comedian. Now, she’s suddenly become the darling of people and the joke is on those who cracked jokes at her earlier!


Apart from coming across as a fun person, taking a joke in the right spirit also shows that you’re confident about yourself. “When you can laugh at yourself, it means you are aware of your shortcomings. You come across as somebody who is confident and secure,” says writer Avinash Agarwal.


People assume that physical appearances are a great subject to make fun of -even Russell Peters does it! But instead of sulking when people poke fun at your balding head or weight, laugh at your own shortcomings! When you do poke fun at yourself, others don’t have anything to do or say . Rajasekhar Mamidanna, a computer science-engineer-cum-standup comedian who doesn’t mind being bald, says, “I know people will make fun of my baldness, so whenever I go on stage, I joke about it so that it doesn’t give anyone else a chance to do so. Isn’t is better to make fun of oneself rather than have others do it? You have the last laugh!” It also shows that you’re not a douchebag who thinks the world of himself. “We tend to take ourselves too seriously . But the fact is that nobody has the time to think about us. Though making fun of oneself is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who can do so are considered edgy . When I do shows and poke fun at some blooper I make, I get the maximum applause,” shares Anjali


It sounds preachy , but it’s true! You’re so immersed at looking at your own shortcomings and trying to figure out a way to make fun of yourself that you don’t let others feel bad. You’ll be that cool guy who makes everyone feel comfortable by baring your shortcomings and who keeps everyone happy . So laugh away!


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