#Stay #healthy with these #drinks

The thought of taking time for a healthy breakfast rarely breaks the stride of the jet-setting business traveler. Why not opt for a few healthy drinks that are loaded with nutritiotional benefits instead.


Balance Smoothie
70 g Banana, 250 ml Orange juice, 5 ea Baby spinach leaves, 1 tsp Cocoa powder, 125 ml Soya Milk, 2 tbs (20 g) Ground Almonds

Blend the banana, baby spinach, almond and cocoa powder with the Soya milk. Then add the orange juice and blend until completely smooth. Serve chilled.

The nutritionist’s comments
Banana is rich in the important electrolyte potassium. A diet rich in potassium seems to have a blood pressure lowering effect. Banana is also rich in the water soluble fiber pectin’s and acts soothing on the gastro intestinal tract. Pectin’s have a cholesterol lowering effect too.

Nutritional information
Energy 1520 kJ, Protein 12 g, Fat 11 g, Carbohydrates 53 g, Fibers 4 g

Health Smoothie
60 g Banana, 100 ml Fresh squeezed orange juice, 120 g Strawberries, 6 Mint leafs, 125 ml Soya milk, 2 tbs (20 g) Ground Almonds

Blend the banana, strawberries and mint leafs with the soya millk. Add the orange juice and almond and blend until completely smooth. Serve chilled.

The nutritionist’s comments
Apart from the great sweet taste of summer, strawberries offer support for optimal health due to the phytonutrient that gives the vibrant red color in the skin of the berry. Strawberries tend to give us protection against inflammation and heart disease.

Nutritional information
Energy 1290 kJ, Protein 11 g, Fat 12g, Carbohydrates 39 g, Fibers 5 g

Good energy juice
400 g Beetroot, 40 g Baby Spinach, 500 g Carrots, 100 g Apple red, 1 Tsp Chopped dill

Cut the beetroot, baby spinach, apple and carrots and extract juice with a extractor. Add the chopped dill. Mix until juice is smooth. Add a table spoon of crushed ice and stir before serving.

The nutritionist’s comments
This juice is rich in healthy vegetables and helps you balance the blood sugar and gives you great energy and helps enhance your mood. Spinach helps detoxify hormones and beetroot supports digestion, which is important for absorbing nutrients.

Nutritional information
Energy 2141 kJ, Protein 8,5, Fat 4, Carbohydrates 115, Fibers 23

(Courtesy Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa)

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