Earn your little #vacation between #work

If you are overworked with many things, then spending a small lazy day for yourself can be a good break!

Relaxing-jpg“Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed.” Oops, Bruno Mars seems to have read out our minds aloud! On any day these lazy morning blues can make you feel bored and tired. Especially if you have tiring schedules that have made your lives almost zombie like, then you are bound to wake up feeling that way one of these days.

Overworked and fatigued, you will not realise how tired you are till your body stubbornly refuses to budge even an inch on a fine day. If you had slogged way beyond yourself then it is time that you take that well deserved break. Just call up your work place and give the genuine reason for your request for a leave. Once the benevolent boss decides to okay your off, you’ve officially crossed the major hurdle.

Planning your day would be a folly. Just doing whatever comes to your mind can be way more fun. Catching a chick flick with an old friend or pampering yourself to an elaborate spa session can be so relaxing. Reading a small book, that can be completed in a day, can be rejuvenating. If you had lost your reading habit then this can be a revival of sorts. Sleep deprivation seems to be an ugly monster lurking in every workaholic’s life. Bid adieu to the monster and catch on with those lost hours of sleep. Believe me, it can be very rewarding when you return to your work.

Most importantly though you may be living with your family members in your house you may have forgotten what your house or the members in them looked like. Spend some quality time with them. Joining in the kitchen to help your mum cook food or playing with your kids will be nice. Taking them out to a park or your neighbourhood pool will fetch you extra points! Eat well and more than thrice a day. At the end of the day it may look like a long vacation that you had enjoyed. Do not worry. Work hard and earn yourself the sweet little vacation once again.


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