How to #battle those #food #cravings

Are you one of those who gets the urge to have a chocolate bar or cupcake every now and then, blaming your stress levels or your hunger pangs for that? Stop.

Food-cravingThe culprit is really you, but you’re not alone. Thousands of people face intense food cravings on a daily basis and often, they can’t do anything, but reach for sweets or junk food to satisfy themselves. Experts warn against this unhealthy habit. Here are ways out…

Try these tips

1. Go bite-sized: If you simply “need to have that dessert”, just take a bite or two and stop.

2. 15-minute trick: Wait for a whole 15 minutes before reaching for anything. The idea is that better sense will kick in by then.

3. Have fruit instead: Fruit gives you a dose of fiber with the sweetness.

4. Try a swap: Do a quick swap — an apple or pear for a cupcake, oats porridge with honey instead of a mousse or almonds instead of chocolate.

5. Distract yourself: It is the initial 15 minutes that are touch-and-go, so experts suggest doing another task in that time to let the ‘craving time’ pass.

Food craving toppers:

1. Chocolate cake tops the dessert list

2. Doughnuts are the second most-craved fix

3. Pizza comes third. It is the most-wanted snack!

Do a brisk walk! A study by Brigham University found that women who walked briskly on the treadmill for 45 minutes showed a lesser brain response to food images.


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