5 easy ways to stop #unhealthy #food #cravings

Who says you can’t stop yourself from eating the right food and at the right time? While exercise plays a crucial role in leveling out your food intake, you can also do so with a little careful thought. Use these tips to stop bingeing on those chips, chocolates and fried food…!

476533427REALISE WHY: First of all, understand why they occur. Cravings could arise due to a number of reasons like low sugar levels, lack of key nutrients and hormonal changes. Knowing this helps you tackle what is triggering it.

SEE NO EVIL, EAT NO EVIL: By this we really mean the junk food that is lying around in the kitchen. So, the second step is to get the place rid of oily wafers, doughnuts, sweet biscuits, ice cream and more.

KEEP CALM AND SLEEP WELL: When you are stressed or haven’t got enough shut-eye, the stress hormone cortisol is released, which in turn triggers the appetite.

TRY ‘5 A DAY’ MEALS: Having smaller meals through the day with healthier items is being looked at as a good solution to wrong eating habits. When you eat frequent meals, the blood sugar won’t spike and remains steady. This lessens the possibility of cravings.

USE SUBSTITUTES: Hungry? Have a stand-by at hand, like an apple, pear, nuts or sliced raw vegetables. Instead of doughnuts reach for wheat cookies and in place of ice cream, have go for chilled, low-fat yoghurt.


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