The #healthy alternative to #junk #food

So, you cannot seem to resist the cheese pizzas and saucy burgers and the heavily fried french fries and the much high in calories aerated drinks.


But not surprisingly, you are not the only one having control problems while keeping away from junk food. In a trend that is fast catching up among youth, however, more and more young professionals and even college goers are resorting to having fruits to curb that craving for dishes which pile up fat around the waist and other parts of the body.

Says Dipannita Banerjee, 25, “I had this pathetic habit of hitting the nearest junk food stall my eyes could place around my office when I was hungry. I also gave in to a lot of binging during my initial days in office, but I gradually realized that I was drastically putting on weight. One of colleagues used to bring fruits for snacktime and I caught up that habit in the early days to just control my junk food eating habits. But now I really love having fruits whenever I’m hungry and I don’t feel guilty about it later either because its healthy and keeps me feeling fresh all day.”

Care needs to be taken, however, that consumption of high calorie fruits such as bananas and mangoes are kept to a bare minimum to avoid piling on the calories shedding which are the main aim for health-conscious youths.


One thought on “The #healthy alternative to #junk #food

  1. Junk food is not a healthy habit.. but we can improve our health through physical activities like games.. I love Rugby and gonna sit in front of my TV during whole the rugby world cup 2015 , Rohidas Sanap please write something on Rugby event. love to visit your blog.

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