Stay #active, #burn #calories

Being physically active is the best way to burn calories and staying fit!


You might be a proud owner of a swanky car, state of the art television set and the like. But have you ever stopped a while and thought how all this has changed your life. Technology has made life sedentary and this has been an important reason for many lifestyle diseases.

As says Mumbai based Suman Agarwal, nutritionist and founder of Selfcare, “Unless we consciously decide to become more mobile in our day to day lives, we are most likely to suffer from increased levels of stress, obesity and illnesses.” The natural answer lies in adding a regular dose of exercise to your life. And you can add this by following simple and yet fruitful guidelines:

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

While talking to your friend on the mobile, just keep on walking.

Instead of sitting and watching television in the evening, go for a walk in the neighbourhood park.

Include some form of exercise like swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, a game of cricket or tennis in your schedule.

Don’t be a couch potato in the weekends. Have a family session of outdoor games and see how much difference does it make.


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