Find out what your #eye #colour says about you

Why do you think eyes are conceived as a “window to the soul”? It’s because the colour of your eyes can give away your personality traits. ‘Anger flashed in his eyes’ is a phrase you often use to say that a person is furious or angry.

Find-out-what-your-eye-colour-says-about-youEyes reflect your emotions and your eye colour dictates your behaviour to a certain degree. According to studies conducted by Charles University, Prague, brown and hazel eyes are not only trustworthy but more attractive too. Find out what your eye colour says about you.

Grey eyes: Largely believed to be least aggressive, they are gentle and wise. Sensitivity is their inner strength and they are often believed to be ‘thinkers’ rather than ‘doers’. They possess a style of analytical thinking and are rational and clear in their thoughts.

Hazel eyes: Elegance personified! The hazel eyed are fun-loving, independent, courageous and downright romantic. They are also experimental in a way and absolutely love taking up challenges. Spontaneity is another of their many attributes.

Dark brown eyes: Trustworthy, attractive, confident and adorable — the brown-eyed have all the tags of an affectionate human being. They are nature lovers, spiritual and can be very strong headed at times.

Black eyes: Responsible and passionate, people with deep, black eyes are considered extremely optimistic. They are always on their toes and keen to prove their worth to others. They are often secretive and do not like sharing much about themselves. Some have a strong spiritual bent.


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