Common #fitness #myths decoded

Before you start toiling hard in the neighbourhood gym for those perfect six-pack abs, you must first reject these five commonly cited myths.


There are many paths to a rippling mid section, just as there are many ab myths that need to die.


It’s all about the crunch

Crunches are a pretty useless exercise that burns very few calories, because the rectus abdominus muscles are actually quite small; it would take so many thousands of crunches just to burn off a single pound of fat it is ridiculous to consider it.


Understand that the abdominal muscles are about supporting your torso during a range of activities, holding your internal organs in place. Use a Swiss Ball when attempting the side or reaching crunch.


Spot reduction works

Why oh why does this myth persist? It was busted by comparing dominant with non-dominant arms on tennis players way back in 1971. In the ensuing four-and-a-half decades, no one’s been able to make a scientifically valid case that training your midsection will enhance fat loss from your belly, or from any other body part.


Lose weight via a sustained caloric deficit. Seeing your abs is about losing the fat that covers them, and the only way to do that is to burn more calories each day than you consume until the lines on your midsection show up, and then stay in caloric balance to keep them there. But understand that sustaining ripped abs is anything but easy.


Dieting will target belly fat

Guess what decides where you lose fat first and last? Answer: Mom and dad. Genetics and gender determine where you keep your fat stores, and guys are more likely to keep it in the midsection.It doesn’t matter if you go on a low carb, paleo, vegan diet. There is no diet that has ever been invented that will allow you to target belly, neck, arm, butt or forehead fat.


Know that any diet will work for fat loss as long as it helps you sustains a caloric deficit. So follow a diet that keeps your calories under control, makes you feel energised for athletic performance, bat tles hunger, and is sustainable. Focusing on foods that aren’t heavily refined and contain a lot of added sugar and fat, and choosing more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of cheesy burgers is usually the way to go, but understand that you’re an individual and need to do some experimentation about what works best for you.


Carbs cover abs

No matter what some factually challenged low carb “guru” tells you, there is an indisputable law about weight loss (based on the first law of thermodynamics), and that is creating a caloric deficit. Every controlled metabolic ward study ever done has proven this. It doesn’t matter if your diet is high protein, high fat, or high carb -if you’re in a caloric deficit, weight is lost, and where it’s lost from on your body doesn’t vary.


Focus on unrefined carbohydrates in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, old-fashioned oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and dairy to fuel your exercise sessions. There is no need to go overboard, but if you find your workouts suffering, you may need to up your carbohydrate intake.


Cardio is a must

Plenty of ripped guys got that way with just lifting weights, but they also have well-controlled diets. Cardio can be valuable in burning extra calories. Cardio holds some value for people who want to drink beer, eat pizza, and not worry about calories quite so much. But if you hate cardio, don’t do it. Just don’t expect to reveal your abs if you’re not creating a caloric deficit.


Too much cardio makes you want to eat the entire kitchen. Too slow cardio doesn’t impart as many health benefits, is boring, and doesn’t burn many calories. Go hard and fast, and leave gas in the tank. Do just the right amount so that you’re energised instead of wiped out so it instead of wiped out so it contributes to a caloric deficit rather than makes calorie control harder.


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