How to #balance your #diet

It’s important today to look at the nutrition value in each food item we consume!


How carb rich is your diet? How many calories have you consumed today and how much fat has been accumulated in your body so far? For everyone who wants to lead a good life, sticking to a balanced diet will come as the topmost priority apart from regular exercise and healthy way of living.

Experts say a diet rich in carbohydrates defeats the idea of good health. So what must be kept in mind is to eat lots of greens. Spinach, methi and other such leafy vegetables when combined with legumes and pulses make for a nutritious combo.

By looking for alternatives like millet, oats and other grains which are fibre rich, one can explore a world of healthy recipes. Working out various permutations like replacing rice with either millet or oats in the traditional recipe can also be one of the ways to eating healthy. Vegetables rich in starch like sweet potato, potato and other roots and shoots can be avoided.

What is important in healthy living is to do anything in moderation. That will let one reap in good harvest – healthwise.


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