How to #exercise #outdoors this #summer

If you love outdoor workouts – a run around your neighbourhood, a sport, or simply morning yoga in your balcony – then summer can be quite a workout killer.


The heat can be menacing enough to send you back to the treadmill in your air conditioned gym, but that can become pretty boring. So how can you continue these outdoor workouts when it’s hot outside? Here are four important tips that’ll help you do just that.

Pick up the pace with cycling – If you’re a morning walker or jogger, it may be time to pick up the pace a little. Try cycling. If you thought the stifling heat without a whiff of breeze is tough then cycling will help you change your mind. You’ll be zipping around so fast that you will find it delightfully cool while moving. Sometimes while walking or jogging, the summer stillness can really get to you and make you feel that you cannot take another step. But cycling will add just that little bit of zest to your morning walk or jog and make you feel like a child again. After all, what’s a workout without a little fun?

Sprints – Again, for the joggers out there, this one is tough but the good news is that it takes all of 15 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes. Think about it, before you know it, you’ll be taking that cold shower. Just do a set of 7 or 8 sprints – short bursts at your maximum speed – and rest in between each set. While you’re running you will have the ‘non-existent’ breeze lash against your face and it will be just a matter or moments before you’re off again!

Swimming – Now is the time to take up swimming if you’ve been procrastinating on that front. There is no better time to swim than hot summer mornings or evenings. In fact I’m pretty sure that you will probably look forward to your ‘cool’ workout everyday and it may in all probability be the highlight of your day. And needless to say, swimming is one of the best full body workouts out there. Even if you don’t have a club membership, if you look hard enough, there is most probably a nice inviting pool in your vicinity.

A quick and effective workout – An outdoor workout can be much quicker than gym workouts, since it’s just you and the track – with zero distractions that waste your time. With almost no commuting, no chit-chats with neighbours, and no time spent in the locker room, outdoor workouts can be much quicker. And since you don’t want to be in the sweaty outdoors for too long you’ll probably work twice as fast. Just some push ups and pull ups from a thick tree branch, Suryanamaskars, or sprints and you are good to go. Read Q uick Workouts  for some inspiration to get started.

Don’t give up on summer just yet and try changing your regular workouts and embrace the outdoors. Don’t let summer defeat you and make you go back indoors, because outdoors is where the fun is.


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