#Natural elements in #offices improve #quality of #work

Called ‘biophillic designs’, this unique concept is all about increasing productivity at the workplace and having a positive impact on the employees’ mindset!


Does your workplace get enough sunlight or has natural elements around it? If not, this might be one of the reasons why you don’t feel motivated enough. A recent study says biophillic designs in an office can help boost quality of work.

The concept Biophillic designs are all about making use of natural resources in interiors. Apart from placing potted plants, making passage for natural light and not engulfing the space with artificial lighting are also integral to the concept. It highlights the connection between humans and nature. Unlike in futuristic designs where people are isolated from nature, biophillic designs directly improve their health and productivity. It is also a sound economic investment for the employees’ well-being and enhanced performance.

Employees in India who work in the presence of natural elements report a 10% higher level of well-being, are 8% more productive and 11% more creative. Elements to be included in an ideal workspace Natural light Almost 49% of employees in India have no natural light at their workstations, which is higher than the global average of 47%. Sunlight is said to be a source of motivation. Those who work in an environment that provides natural light show a significantly higher level of productivity.

Also, it wards away gloominess, which can result in the absence of sufficient sunlight. Live plants indoors The absence of potted plants indoor and outdoor has reportedly led to increase in stress levels. Indoor plants can be placed in conspicuous spaces without decimating the existing structure of the office.

Plants are associated with happiness and directly affect creativity. Green premises Lack of exposure to greenery can negatively influence the subconscious parts of the brain. If it’s not possible to introduce too many plants in a rigid office set-up, you can have them in the surrounding premises. “Plants can also be introduced in the form of green wall as well; these are self-sustaining plants mounted vertically.

These are easy to maintain and also give a tropical feel, besides holistically creating more oxygen in the office,” says Dr Aseem Gokarn Harwansh, a design consultant. Fresh air Employees need open spaces in their office building where they can occasionally take breaks. Most offices have central air conditioning due to which they don’t have access to fresh air. So, a gallery space can help in proper ventilation.

This helps in refreshing the mind and improves thought process.

CREDIT: Times of India


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