#Dine with #wine for better #cholesterol #management

A new study has revealed consuming a glass of red wine every day can help patients with controlled type 2 diabetes improve heart health and manage cholesterol.


Researchers American College of Physicians wanted to assess the effects of moderate wine consumption in persons with type 2 diabetes and sought to determine if the type of wine consumed mattered.

In the study, they randomly assigned 224 patients with well-controlled type 2 diabetes to drink 150 mL of mineral water, white wine, or red wine with dinner for two years and then measured lipid and glycemic control profiles and other cardiovascular measures.

The participants were encouraged to follow a Mediterranean diet without caloric restriction.

Post two years, the results revealed that patients who drank wine had decreased cardiometabolic risks compared to patients who drank mineral water.

The red wine drinkers experienced the most significant changes in lipid variables, suggesting the potential synergy of moderate alcohol intake with specific nonalcoholic wine constituents.


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