Top 10 #healthy #substitutes for #baking

Cakes, cupcakes, pastries – you name it and Indians are mastering the art of baking it.


Every youngster finds baking as simple as preparing 2-minute noodles, well almost. But there’s a snag. Baking mainly includes ingredients like maida, eggs and sugar which can hamper your toned waistline. That’s when we come to your rescue. We line up healthy ingredients that you can substitute for maida, whole milk, margarine, butter, sugar, whole eggs. Take a look!

Maida or all purpose flour can be replaced with whole wheat flour. Since whole wheat flour is light, add only half the required amount.

Substitute margarine and butter with apple sauce or prune puree. Plus it adds flavour to the dough.

Refined sugar has absolutely no nutritional value, why not replace it with honey, jaggery, sucanat, brown, raw or Demerara sugar to sweeten the goodies?

Whole eggs definitely holds the dough together and cannot be replaced. But you can use egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Or you can absolutely replace half the amount of eggs with nut butter, bean or fruit substitutions.

Instead of using whole milk, try the low fat, fat free milk, coconut and almond milk; the benefits are fruitful.

Oatmeal is a healthy ingredient for breakfast and for a healthy substitute for bread crumbs. Now you can also use oatmeal in cakes; replace half the flour with oatmeal.

Replace artificial flavouring with cinnamon, nutmeg or natural vanilla.

Everyone loves cheese cake whether it’s lime, vodka chili or blueberry cheese cake. Now you can opt for low fat cream cheese and still have the same delectable taste.

Are you planning to bake a fruit cake? Instead of going for canned fruits, try fresh fruits and have a fresh start.


One thought on “Top 10 #healthy #substitutes for #baking

  1. Whole wheat flour is light? I thought it’s heavier than all purpose flour since it still has Lots of bran in it! Refined or maida flour is light as it’s been sifted out numerous times to remove all the heavier particles!

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