No need to #avoid #cream and #butter

As long as what you have is almost carb-free, there’s no harm, say nutritionists!


This one may have the non-vegetarians rejoice. Quit vegetables and fruits and exercising – that’s the new mantra for losing weight, according to some nutritionist.

Obesity researcher and nutritionist Zoe Harcombe has said that everything that people thought was good to stay healthy — fewer calories and more exercise — only packs on the flab. “It’s the carbs that pile on the pounds.” She feels that Americans must go back to older dietary rules calling for red meat, fish, eggs, cream and butter, all virtually carbohydrate free.

Agrees nutritionist Dr Nupur Krishnan, “Fat is very important for a balanced diet, even according to the Indian Council of Medical Research.” She admits that the diet she plans for non-vegetarians does not exclude fish and meat portions. She also recommends consumption of pure ghee, as a must every day. “Pure ghee and even cooking oil, 4 tsp per person a day, helps in the absorption of certain fatty acids and all fat soluble vitamins. And meat products contain invisible fats that help in a similar way.”

However, Dr Mursalin Shaikh spells out some words of caution, “If your lipid profile is abnormal, then you can’t intake fatty foods as regularly.” However, he agrees, this may work for healthy individuals, and maybe youngsters.

Here are a few myths busted by nutritionists

1. Veggies and fruit are more nutritious than any other food
Greens are good only if they are slathered in butter in order to deliver the fat-soluble vitamins they contain. And the sugar in fruit gets stored as fat in the liver.

2. Losing weight is about reducing calories
If you cut 500 calories from a 2,000-calorie daily diet, you will lose weight at first. But the body will compensate and turn down its metabolism to reduce energy and use fewer calories.

3. Starchy foods should be the main part of our diet
Pasta, bread and grains turn into sugar in the blood, which is unhealthy. It forces the body to release insulin, which stores fat, in order to get the glucose levels back to normal.

4. Fat is a definite no-no
Real fat from natural foods is good. Eat only what nature grows.


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