#Eat slowly, stay away from #diabetes

In our fast paced work routines, we are invariably accustomed to gobbling down our meals without a second thought about the harm the action can do to us.


A recent study has proved that eating in a hurry can lead to acquiring diabetes at a later age.

According to research, chances of fast eaters developing the illness are high. Eating speedily increases the quantity of sugar in the blood stream instantly. So, people are likely to develop impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) also known as pre-diabetes. Physician Pradeep Ratnaparkhi elaborates, The blood-glucose levels in people with impaired glucose tolerance are higher than usual, so they run the risk of developing diabetic condition. But the trouble is that this can lead to Type 2 diabetes if necessary precautions are not taken. The chances of people developing Type 2 diabetes within next 10 years are fifty per cent.

Eating too quickly is harmful in many other ways, say doctors. It can result in an increase in the number of calories consumed as it takes a while for the brain to decipher that the stomach is full. So, till a person realizes that he’s full, he would have consumed more calories than required. This apparently results in weight gain which in turn is associated with pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. In contrast to fast eating, eating slow results in feeling full sooner.

Ratnaparkhi advises, A healthy diet and regular exercise can help people with pre-diabetes keep their glucose levels under control.

So eat slowly to stay lean and fit.


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