#Eighties #hairstyles for #winter

The eighties era is back among the winter hair trends. It’s all about incorporating the popular hair trends from this era, but making them modern and wearable for women today.
Some tips on how to achieve the most popular eighties looks without looking too retro or outdated.

The updated perm

Hair perms can be very damaging to the hair, but today, there’s plenty of ways to make this work without causing long term damage, as seen on the likes of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. “To modernize the look, the vital step is to begin by adding a heat protector to your hair – this is the secret to having hold to the hair and avoiding any damage,” says hairstylist to the stars, Asgar Saboo. Hair mousse has also improved dramatically in the last decades, so use a volumising product for an extra dramatic look. To keep this modern, start by straightening your fringe and your bangs, as these parts of your hair shouldn’t be curled if don’t want to look too Back to the Future!

Method: Starting from the back off your hair, grab a small section and use a 10mm curling wand to achieve tight curls. Try to avoid curling big sections of your hair at once, as the curls may not last as long and won’t look as eighties-appropriate. You should finish by applying hairspray to your hair, holding the can diagonally and away from your face.


Crimping was a must-do trend in the eighties, and it looks as if this style is back again, according to Stella McCartney’s models at London Fashion Week. To get the look, you need to invest in a good crimping tool, so it’s a great excuse to rummage through your fashion items of the past.

Method: Starting at the back of your hair, grab a small section of your hair and add crimps with a crimpling iron. Holding the can away from your face, add hair spray to hold the crimps in place. Repeat this process on all sections of your hair. Once you reach the top of your hair, part the middle of your hair for a subtle finish. Want to embrace this look without heat? Plait small sections of your hair and sleep on this overnight – this will give a great nod to the crimping trend but keeps it modern and wearable for every day.

Side ponytail

How could anyone forget this look? You weren’t cool if you didn’t have a high side ponytail back in the eighties, and this groovy trend has been making a comeback ever since Beyonce showcased it so beautifully at the Met Gala.

Method: To achieve this look, blow dry the hair for lots of volume, then add a light gel or wax to your hair whilst brushing it up and packing all your hair in a side ponytail. You may need to add booby pins to any areas which are too short to reach the bun. Take the blow dryer again and use the cool setting to set the high pony in place, and for a neat and sleek finished look, add curls to the loose parts of your hair with a curling wand. Remember to fix the look with hairspray to make this last all night.


This was a popular look which saw many women embracing the diffuser hairdryer and embracing their natural waves and curls. The golden rule? Volume, volume, volume. The great news is that products have really evolved since the eighties, meaning that it’s easy to get a natural look which won’t feel stiff.

Method: Apply a handful of hair mousse to your hair whilst it is still wet to add texture, or try a light hair oil or spray if you want a natural, easy look. Blow dry your hair whilst feathering out it with your fingers. Hold up small sections of your hair at a time and scrunch until dry, using a small tooth comb to backcomb for a more dramatic look.

Blunt short haircuts

Short hairstyles are a great way to bring out your best features, and we’ve seen many celebrities, including the likes of Taylor Swift, embracing this style in time for Autumn. Make sure you head to a professional for this look – reaching for the scissors in your own home may not give you the best results. “A blunt bob is easy to maintain, and I like seeing this look on a variety of hair textures, which also gives an easy reference back to the eighties,” says Saboo.



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