Turn your #bath area into a #glam #zone

Taking a shower in a very glammed up and pleasant bathroom is a rejuvenating experience.


Here is how can make your bathroom the best place in your house:

Deck up the interiors
Starting from the bath tub to the bathroom fittings, make sure there is class and plan the combinations out. Match the colour of the walls with that of the bathtub or choose reverse colours or contrast colours if you like it to be spunky.

Colour code the bath place
Taking from the bath linen to colours of the tiles and the wash basin, plan what colours will pep up your mood and get your bathroom designed accordingly. Color therapy works everywhere, even in the bathroom. So pick up the colour sheet and work out some best colour combos for tiles, fittings as well as walls.

Jazz it up with tech
Starting from installing a wireless phone to making the bathroom a wi-fi zone to installing a touch screen panel with internet connectivity and to touch sensitive bathroom fittings, you can think of all the high end stuff that will totally revamp and make your bathroom an envious special zone. This will only pep up the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Stock up some spa essentials
Essential oils, body and face scrubs of your choice and a little bit of aroma therapy. What else do you need? A sauna? Well if you can install it, wonderful, otherwise a hot shower or a hot water bath in the Jacuzzi will let you rejuvenate equally.

For one thing, you won’t like to call it a bathroom at all.


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