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The sun and pollution have a detrimental effect on your hair. Add to that the blow dry hair colouring and various other heat treatments that you undertake almost daily , make your , hair look lifeless and dull. For enviable, lustrous crowning glory here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.



“The rituals of oiling the hair are good for the outer layer, coating it like a hat,” says cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai. She advises, ” A massage is good to improve the blood circulation and that, in turn, helps in hair growth.”


Using hair conditioners and serums are a good way to tame dry and rough hair. To your hair care routine, include wrapping a hot towel on your head post conditioning it. This will keep your hair manageable.


Moisture is what you need, because it is lost easily. Cosmetologist Dr Rashmi Shetty says, “Drink a lot of water. It will give the much needed moisture to your hair. If you put a teaspoon of cod liver oil in your juices in the morning, eventually you will see a marked difference in your skin and hair.”


Your daily stress levels are bound to rise if you have a hectic lifestyle, and it won’t be long before this stress starts to show up on your skin and hair. Finding time in your busy schedule to pamper yourself and tend to your appearances may be somewhat of a challenge but it is important.

Besides following a regime for hair care, it is important to take some time out and meditate or just sit with your eyes closed for 1015 minutes every day to destress. You could pray or do pranayam, anything which helps you relax.


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