Top 10 best #arm #exercises

Tones sculpted arms look sexy and are always in style. So if you want toned arms, simply follow these 10 simple arm exercises by Dr A. Arun Kumar, Fitness Head (pan India) Snap Fitness India and you will be the talk of the town.


Arm curl with barbell or dumbbell.

1. Hold bar/ EZ bar or dumbbell with a shoulder width supine grip.

2. Keep elbows to side, raise bar towards the shoulder until forearms are vertical.

3. Lower until arms are fully extended but do not lock.

4. When elbows are fully flexed, elbows should only travel forward slightly allowing forearms to be no more than vertical to allow for a relative release of tension in muscles between repetitions.

5. Repeat.

Incline arm curl

1. Sit back on a 40-60 degree incline bench.

2. With arms hanging down straight, position two D/B with palms facing in front, supine position.

3. With elbows back to sides, raise one D/B and rotate forearm until forearm is vertical and palm faces shoulder

4. Lower to original position and repeat with opposite arm.

5. Continue to alternate between sides.

Preacher arm curl

1. The seat should be adjusted to allow the arm pit to rest near the top of the pad and the entire arm should rest on the pad

2. Hold bar with shoulder width supine grip.

3. Raise the bar until forearm is vertical to the floor and with the back of the upper arm remaining on the pad.

4. Lower the barbell until arms are fully extended..

5. Repeat.

Concentration curl

1. Sit on bench

2. Hold D/B between feet.

3. Place back of upper arm to inner thigh of the same side.

4. Raise D/B to front of shoulder.

5. Arms should be perpendicular to the floor & plams facing the shoulder.

6. Lower the D/B until arms are fully extended..

7. Repeat. Continue with opposite arm.

Double arm curl

1. Position both pulleys

2. Stand at the center of the cable cross over

3. Keep the cable lever at shoulder level.

4. Hold the cables on either side.

5. Flex both the elbow simultaneously.

6. Extend the elbow & repeat.

Close grip bench press.

1. Lie on bench and hold barbell from rack with a shoulder width grip.

2. Lower weight to lower half of chest with elbows close to body.

3. Push up to extend elbow but do not lock at the top.

4. Return and Repeat.

French press or skull crusher.

1. Lie on bench with a shoulder width apart prone gon barbell.

2. Position barbell over forehead with arms extended.

3. Keep elbow perpendicular to the floor.

4. Lower B/B by bending elbow.

5. Bar should end slightly behind forehead.

6. Extend arms till the elbows are fully flexed but do not lock .

7. Position at one place without moving.

8. Repeat.

Cable push down

1. Face high pulley and hold cable bar with a shoulder width apart prone grip.

2. Position elbow to side.

3. Bent slightly from the hips so the bar doesn’t hit body

4. Keep elbows slightly ahead of the body

5. Extend arms down until the point of locking the arms.

6. Return until forearm is just above elbow level

7. Repeat.

Triceps kick back

1. Bent over a bench with one arm supporting body

2. Hold the D/B in the other hand.

3. Position upper arm parallel to floor and forearm perpendicular to floor.

4. Extend arm until it is straight /parallel to floor.

5. Return and Repeat.

6. Continue with opposite arm.

Overhead triceps extension

1. Position barbell overhead with a narrow or supine width prone grip.

2. Lower forearms behind upper arm with elbows remaining parallel to torso.

3. Extend forearm overhead but do not lock

4. Lower and repeat.


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