Top 10 #exercises to #boost your #brain #power

You keep your body active by doing regular workouts. Similarly, your mind also requires certain brain fitness workouts that can help your mind process information more quickly. This increases your ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time.


To help you achieve this, you will find simple but effective brain training games and exercises such as solving math problems to achieve greater mind fitness. Include this brain stretching exercise in your daily routine to get boost your brain power. Here are the top 10 daily brain exercises that can help you stay mentally sharp at any age.

Art projects:

Art is a great source of exercise for your brain, as it helps to boost that part of the brain that works without words and can only express itself non-verbally. Art requires you to be creative, use fine motor skills, and think analytically.

Hence, art encourages the brain to think out of the box, and trains your brain to think on different planes. All this while being fun as well.

Expand your vocabulary

Learn new words, sign up for newsletters, read articles closely, and list out words that you are not familiar with.

This technique will help you outsmart the conversation with your boss, as well as sharpen your memory, by increasing your vocabulary.

Use your non-dominant hand

While doing basic tasks which require no concentration, try using the non-dominant hand; say if you are right-handed, try using your left hand to eat, brush etc.

This activity will require extreme attention, and you will find yourself focusing on completing these simple tasks.

Do your own math

For your daily calculation, do not use calculators. Instead, opt for the old fashioned mental math. As we grow older, it gets difficult to do even the normal math in our heads and we opt for calculators.

It’s better not to take the help of the calculator, and do math in your head. This is a very common way to keep your brain active. If you are not good at calculations, then put in som practice.

Listen to your favourite song again and again

If you like a specific song, keep listening to it over and over again as this will help your brain memorize the lyrics and after some time you will know the lyrics of the entire song.

This activity will help your brain boost its memorizing power.

Multi tasking is good for you

Performing activities like working at the computer, putting your little sister to sleep, listening to music, solving math etc – all at the same time, requires a lot of attention.

All these are simple basic activities, which can be done together; but, distractions can cause confusion. Practise multi tasking simple tasks so that it increases your concentration levels.

Study a foreign language

The advantage of learning a new language is that it is a great source of exercise for the mind and it’s a great way to boost your professional career as well.

Further, people who have knowledge of foreign languages are always in great professional demand. Besides, studying something new always keeps your brain busy.

Skip GPS – Opt for maps

Thanks to new technology, reaching an unknown destination has become very easy. However, we are becoming too dependent on these technologies as we are losing our mind’s power of analysis.

We need to stop letting these gadgets do all our tasks for us, and use maps instead. This utilizes your imagination and analytical skills.

Use a brain training video game

When you are free or when you have nothing to do, engage in playing video games. Not all video games are brainless. Some video games like Halo, would require lots of reasoning and thinking.

Engaging in playing games like this or even solving Sudoku puzzles will help your brain power develop.

Avoid using a shopping list

Always shopping with a list in hand is a simple job. The real task begins when you memorize all the things in your head and then do the shopping.

Initially it will be a little tedious, you will forget some things. But as time passes by, and as your mind becomes more active, you will get all the items without the help of a shopping list.


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