Top 15 types of #doctors you should know

Have you come across a situation where you are staring hard at a doctor’s board to decipher what are the specialties? Dr. K.M. Sunesara – General Physician from Mumbai tries to simplify your doctor’s specialties for you.


Type of doctors you should know # 1: Cardiologist
A cardiologist is certified specialist to treat problems related to heart and blood vessels. There can be interventional cardiologist, who uses guided imaging to diagnose and treat those diseases; and a cardiac electrophysiologist who specialises in treating irregular heart rhythms caused by electrical problems in the heart.

Type of doctors you should know # 2: Audiologist
An audiologist is a doctor who specialises in dealing problems about hearing. These doctors also help hearing impaired children learn to communicate.

Type of doctors you should know # 3: Dentist
A dentist a common type of surgeon is one who fixes dental problems from tooth decay and other tooth or gum ailments. He also handles dentures and retainers.

Type of doctors you should know # 4: ENT specialist
ENT specialist is one who treats problems about ear, nose and throat. An ENT surgeon carries out surgeries in these three regions to treat problems.

Type of doctors you should know # 5: Gynaecologist
Any problems with the female reproductive system is referred to and treated by a gynaecologist.

Type of doctors you should know # 6: Orthopaedic surgeon
For all your bone issues like arthritis and osteoporosis, an orthopaedic surgeon should be consulted. They are the surgeons who help in diagnosing and treating broken bones and weak bones.

Type of doctors you should know # 7: Paediatrician
Do you have a small toddler, who is falling ill every now and then? Take him to a paediatrician to avoid making the illness worse. Paediatrician is a doctor who treats children for any illness from birth to adolescent.

Type of doctors you should know # 8: Psychiatrists

These doctors specialise in mental illnesses and will study, diagnoses and counsel and treat mental illnesses such as Bipolar, dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s etc.

Type of doctors you should know # 9: Veterinarian
The veterinarians are responsible for the treatment of sick animals. They can treat all types of animals and all of their sicknesses.

Type of doctors you should know # 10: Radiologists
A doctor who specialises in use of X-rays or other imaging technologies in order to diagnose various illnesses.

Type of doctors you should know # 11: Pulmonologist
A pulmonologist is a physician who specialises in treating diseases of the lungs. If you are suffering with any type of lung disorder or lung cancer, you will be advised to see a pulmonologist.

Type of doctors you should know # 12: Endocrinologist
An endocrinologist is a specially trained doctor who treats disorders like low thyroid hormone production or hypothyroidism, as it only deals only with an endocrine organ. The diseases, which are specific to endocrine, an endocrinologist alone, may detect, diagnose and manage such patients.

Type of doctors you should know # 13: Oncologist
An oncologist is a medical doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Some oncologists treat patients with all forms of cancer, and others specialise in only one type of cancer. The three main types of oncologist are Medical oncologists, Radiation oncologists and Surgical oncologists.

Type of doctors you should know # 14: Neurologist
A neurologist is a physician who specialises in human nervous system – brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, and is trained to investigate, or diagnose and treat neurological disorders.

Type of doctors you should know # 15: Cardiothoracic surgeon
A cardiothoracic surgeon, specialises to the heart and chest. Cardiothoracic surgeon treats problems occurring in the area of the heart and chest or both. A cardiothoracic surgeon is qualified to operate on the heart, areas of the chest and in some cases, the lungs.


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