10 lesser known uses of #salt

You can’t think of having your food without it, but salt has a number of other uses too, besides adding taste to your food. Here are some not-so-common uses of salt that you will be glad to discover.


In washing your veggies
Salt has anti-microbial properties and hence is an inexpensive means to clean your vegetables.

Cleaning artificial flowers and leaves
Place them in a bag with one cup salt and give them a good shake. It will remove most of the dirt and dust.

Removing stains from skin
Salt aids in removing fruit and vegetable stains from skin. Rub your hands with some salt and water and then rub them on stainless steel and see the stains gradually fade away.

Cleaning metal
You can clean metals like copper, brass silver to a sparkling shine by rubbing them with a mixture of salt and burnt charcoal.

Cleaning wood
Mix salt with warm water and clean your furniture with this mixture and then wipe with dry cloth.

Keeping ants away
You can keep ants away by sprinkling salt around drains, kitchen slabs or other areas frequented by them.

For killing weeds
Salt also come handy in gardening if you have to kill weeds. Just sprinkle salt around the weeds and pull them. They will not re grow again.

Keep milk fresh
Sounds unbelievable, but by adding a pinch of salt to milk you can prevent it from getting spoilt.

Remove foul smell
You can place a packet of salt in shoes, closets, racks and almirahs to remove old, stale smell.

For stronger teeth
Mix salt with your regular toothpaste/with mustard oil and massage your gums and teeth to keep them strong and free from disease.


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