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women_empoweredWith a busy lifestyle, endless routine and hectic work schedules, city women hardly get time to spend on themselves. There are days when it is difficult to even have meals in peace and it is obvious to have stress mounting. These are the times when it is essential to indulge in some personal time and activities, say experts. Be it attending a kitty party or spending a weekend watching movies with friends, this personal times should be enjoyed thoroughly and guilt-free.

Speaking about it, psychiatrist Dr Ruma Bhattacharya, said, “Modern lifestyle is very hectic and women professionals as well as homemakers hardly take off personal time from their busy schedules. Every woman should essentially plan some me time and indulge in her hobbies. Such activities don’t just relax the body and soul but also help in getting back to the daily routine rejuvenated.”

Redefining lifestyle

Journalist and doting mom, Monika Tiwari, hardly gets time for herself and at times has to report to work for days without even her week offs. Instead of cribbing, Monika tries to do the best she can. “As it was my decision to become a journalist, I never think much about the lack of week offs at times as it is a part of the profession. The offs that I get, I spend listening to soft music and going shopping with my daughter as we both love it. Spending time with her is very rejuvenating being with her completes my day.”

More and more women agree that redefining their lifestyle is essential and they need to do things they like, more often. Nisha Agrawal, an executive who got married three months back and juggles irregular work hours, said, “While my husband keeps telling me that I hardly spend time with family and friends because of my long work hours, he supports and motivates me to take out some personal time. I meditate and have been going for yoga classes for over two months now. Inspite of being occupied with work, this helps me relax better.”

Why should boys have all the fun?

As compared to their male counterparts, women get to spend less personal times but when they do so, they make the most of it. Managing director of a tours and travels company, Aanchal Devjani who also takes care of event management tasks makes it a point to go for monthly kitty parties. “I juggle between home and office and it gets very tiresome but life at the same pace can get very boring. To overcome this, my kitty friends and I have a total blast at our parties. We dance, enjoy the food and participate in fun activities which is all a big stress buster. Men have plenty of reasons to party unlike women who don’t get many such opportunities often and a monthly kitty works best for us.”

 Shweta Pastaria, working at a city MNC, said, “Earlier I never bothered whether I was getting some personal time but I gradually realized that not only was my life becoming dull, I neither was completely involved in my professional commitments nor was being able to manage things well at home. I felt tired and irritated with the same routine and decided to spend at least an hour or so with myself. I participate in my monthly kitties and plan group events like excursions, trips to water parks, movie hangouts etc.”

Free time is my time

While many women don’t acknowledge the need of having productive solitude, most consider the personal time as a much needed and welcome break. Homemaker Shilpa Meshram, said, “I love reading books and a small section of my house is reserved for them. I love reading fictions and thrillers and spend hours reading them. I don’t just read books before going to bed daily but also carry one while travelling. Reading is my stress buster and my personal time.”


2 thoughts on “#City #women opt for #stress busting #personal #time

  1. Where is the special time even for men after marriage and children..For some time one may have to adjust with that…Anyway it’s always good to go out with friends and spend some quality time..

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