#Foods to avoid on a #date

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re planning a romantic dinner, make sure not to eat the following foods.

107429505Salad: If you are new in your relationship and this is one of your first few dates, it is better to avoid eating salad as it send out the wrong message, that you are a finicky eater and likes dieting!

Spaghetti pasta: While spaghetti pastas are really delicious in taste, eating them can be very messy. You don’t want tomato sauce dripping on your clothes!

Garlic: Try to stay away from garlic bread and other foods that contain high amount of garlic. While healthy, it is one of the worst foods to eat on a date. After all, no one wants to kiss someone who smells garlicky!

Soups: They aren’t really filling but most importantly, since soups are hot, you might end up making slurping sounds while drinking it! That is a turn off and definitely not good dining etiquette.


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