5 #healthy #Indian #teas

Tea and spices — two things we can’t live without yet are forced to part with in summers.


How about five healthy chai and masala combinations those are tasty and beneficial. Sip on your favourite cuppas without having to settle for bland green teas or staid iced teas.

Cardamom Tea: It could the best way to start your day with. It not only boosts digestion, relieves headache and stomach cramps but also has a cooling effect on body. Diuretic properties of cardamom also make it a great detoxifying agent cleansing the body.

Cinnamon Tea: Very few know that humble dalchini actually has one of the highest antioxidant content among herbs and spices. It also helps you fight cholesterol levels. A report published in Annals of Family Medicine, a reputed medical journal, stated cinnamon consumption resulted in reduced cholesterol levels. You may want to round off your summer lunch with a cinnamon tea.

Saffron Tea: You’ve heard of saffron scented milk, desserts and dishes but how about a kesar chai this summer! Not only is the taste sinfully addictive but The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods lists saffron as a herb with potential health benefits. Apart from imparting unmatched taste to the tea, saffron also has anti cancer properties, antioxidants that can reduce cardiovascular diseases and ability to protect vision cells. Evening snacks will taste a lot better when wolfed down with saffron tea!

Cumin Tea: If summers mean sleeplessness then look no further than cumin tea. These humble seeds known for their sedative properties have a soothing effect on the body. Cumin also helps in absorption of iron from food. Cumin powder mixed with a mashed banana and had at night is actually one of the most popular home remedies to beat insomnia.

Chamomile Tea: There’s no better digestive and soothing ale than chamomile tea. Round off your dinner with cup of this tea known to relieve anxiety and stress. While benefits of green tea are well documented, chamomile tea is fast emerging as the best solution for skin related problems. Cooled chamomile tea bags can be used to reduce dark circle and soothe puffy eyes.


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