How to use #melon #balls

40577549Melon balls can be made using watermelon and cantaloupe. Simply de-seed the fruit and scoop out the balls into a round shape. Freeze them and use them as coloured additions to your mocktails and juices or even add them chilled to your salad. For a dessert bite, dip the balls in honey or roll them in roasted coconut or some dark chocolate shavings. Serve them chilled.



– Melon chunks- 2 (watermelon or cantaloupe)

– Rock salt – to taste

– Sugar – 2 tbsp

– Mint leaves – 5-6


De-seed the melons and using a scooper, scoop out the flesh into small balls. Put these into a bowl and sprinkle with rock salt and sugar to taste. Wash mint leaves and chop these over the melon balls. Serve chilled on its own or add them to cold lime juice for a refreshing fix.



– Melon balls of watermelon or musk melon – 10

– Salt – to taste – Sugar – ½ cup – Lime juice – of 1 lime

– Smoked chicken – ½ cup

– Roasted red pepper – 1, diced


Put the smoked chicken, melon balls and roast peppers in a bowl. Keep aside. In a pan, heat together the sugar, salt, lime juice a small saucepan, heat sugar, water, lime juice and boil. Simmer for about six minutes. Cool this and then pour it over the assembled fruit. You can add mint leaves for garnish. Refrigerate this for four hours. Serve it cold.

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