Ah, there is so much more to #bananas

50945802Banana has a very staunch fan following. The people who go bananas over it claim that there is something about this fruit that never makes them tired of having it. Even if they go on eating banana every day, it never bores them.

Mildly flavoured and mostly seedless, banana is among the healthiest snacks, easy to carry and less vulnerable to contamination due to the natural covering it has.

Like coconut tree, the banana plant’s every inch has a useful existence.

Nutritional benefits
According to celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani, “Bananas are packed not only with potassium, but also good levels of vitamin C and magnesium. It is rich in vitamin B and also has trace minerals like iodine, iron, selenium and zinc. When added to your daily diet, bananas have an array of benefits. They keep the heart healthy, are good for the gut and keep the bones strong. In fact, even the weight watchers can have a banana daily, as it is very satiating and prevents sweet cravings.”

Interesting facts
– Banana used for cooking is called plantain.
– Bananas grow in at least 107 countries.
-If you think wines are made with grapes and apples, you should know that Banana wine and Banana beer are one of the most delicious tasting alcoholic beverages.
– Scarlet Banana, Blue Banana, Pink Banana, Snow Banana and False Banana are some of its interesting varieties.
– Banana is naturally radioactive and in fact ‘banana equivalent dose of radiation’ is used in measuring radioactivity.
– Banana’s genus name Musa is derived from the name of Antonius Musa, the physician of Emperor Augustus.
-The earliest historical evidence of Bananas has been found around 8000 BCE.


– While banana flower, fruit, stem and trunk is used as food, its leaves are used in cooking as steam wraps and serving platters.

– Both yarn and paper can be made from banana plant and the leaf is used in making disposable plates and bowls.

Some not so common uses of bananas:

– Try banana peel as a shoe polish. Rub it on the shoes and wipe off with a clean cloth.
– For a healthy and shiny mane, apply a mix of banana pulp and yoghurt.
– To prevent cracked heels, apply paste of banana mixed with turmeric.


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