Have you tried #eating #water?

51053533Looking to stay fit? Try something that is creating a huge buzz in fitness-savvy circles -infused detox waters.

Part of the clean eating mantra, this is about plain water to which pieces of real fruit are added, minus any artificial flavours. It’s touted as the most effective ways to hydrate and experts are advocating people to `eat’ this, to stay healthy…

Why it’s so beneficial
There are definite signs that we aren’t getting enough water-like puffy eyes, bloatedness, dry , patchy skin and a sluggish system. The need is to go beyond just water and have the water-rich foods which allow us to absorb water more slowly and keep it in longer. Did you know most foods have a water content, even a slice of bread? A single tomato has 110 ml of water and a serving of iceberg lettuce contains 300ml and zucchini has 95 per cent water.

These waters have flavour of juice, without the extra sugar or calories. Use a combination of these fruits and vegetables that suits you -strawberries in water give glowing skin, starfruit and ginger gives vitamin C, and a carrot-cucumber mix is anti-inflammatory. You could also chop up apples and put them to work in a bottle -the fruit has polyphenols and flavonoids, which boost heart health.

Drink up! water is essential for:

Lubricating delicate tissues such as those in the eyes, nose and mouth

It keeps the kidneys functioning and thus aids digestion

Regulates body temperature

Flush out toxins and waste


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