7 Tips For #Couples To Work Out #Together And Get In #Shape

Spending quality time with your partner is very essential to nurture and strengthen your relationship. Apart from being a great support system, you guys can become workout buddies and have some serious fun, creating a great body in the process!

So, let us skip that café date and hit the gym together for some real quality time!

Scientific reason to work out together

According to a study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, working out with your partner can double your performance and give you your dream body twice as faster. Isn’t that great! Workout is a great team-building activity and you really want your partner to be your team forever.

Great reasons why this is the best kind of date

  • The emotional impact of working out with your partner will strengthen your relationship.
  • You learn about your partner on both physical and emotional level.
  • Your routines will fall in place with same sleep pattern, food plans and workout ideas.
  • You learn more about yourself than your partner.
  • Constant support and accountability.

Tips for great couple workout

#1. Never compete in an unhealthy manner

This is the first rule of workout. Do not try to keep up with your partner if you cannot. Thou shall not judge nor be judged. Unhealthy competition will lead to over-exertion and muscle damage. So know your body and act accordingly.

#2. Never be afraid to try something new

Have you ever tried Pilates or MMA? Well, if your partner is into it, look at it as a perfect excuse to learn something new. You may not be great in the beginning, but who knows, you may love it and this may be your thing down the lane!

#3. Keep the PDA out of gym

Seriously! Seeing two lovebirds getting cosy in the gym is not what other people come for. Value your time, and respect others in the gym. Take it as a serious workout session, where the two of you have to achieve goals. Nothing is more motivating than watching a couple exercise together. You will set some serious relationship goals for people!

#4. Try couple workouts

There are some great couple workout options available online to follow. You can also talk to your trainer to figure out something that suits both of you. It would be a fun bonding activity for both. Participation is always more fun than watching your partner sweat it out.

#5. Discuss and be open to suggestions

Talk and keep the communication channel open. Discuss your fears, concerns and suggestions. Do not try to be their personal trainer. Be open to suggestions and do not take offense. At the end, you both will be rewarded with a fruitful relation and a great body!

#6. Do not criticise or judge

Nobody likes to be criticised on their workout. Being a know-it-all, and ending up judging the other person will put a stop to couple workouts forever! Be the support and appreciate. We are pretty sure you would feel great if you were treated the same way.

#7. Value other person’s time and dedication

Talk out your options and preferences before you prepare a workout plan. And once you do, just stick to it. It shows that you value the other person’s time and dedication. It is a non-verbal appreciation and gesture to show they can lean on you.

So, hit the gym to sweat it out together. You will feel and look great in no time. Your relationship will be grow in a whole different level and you will feel great about it.


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