Have you tried the #body #wrap yet?

Also called the body envelopment, this works well to get you glowing, toned and refreshed before D-Day!

So your big day is coming up and there is much to do -makeup and wedding dress rehearsals, included. But don’t forget the skin regimen too. Steam baths and facials are part of it, couples are also opting for a beautifying body wrap made of algae, clay mud (detox) or oil and lotion (hydrating), to tone and tighten the skin. Says beauty expert Natasha Shah, “Body wraps are the rage at spas these days, and they truly can do wonders to your body -rejuvenating and relaxing you -with the mix of right ingredient products, aroma therapy , oils and technique.” Adds spa expert Dr Pramod Rane, “These wraps, administered under guidance, are extremely popular with brides-to-be as they leave the skin smooth as silk and bright as ever. ”

Body wraps are essentially designed to detox, hydrate, slim down or tone the body .Explains spa expert Nisha Jhaveri, “Envelopments or wraps are a must for skin maintenance. Try a marine algae wrap if you feel sluggish or tired or want to balance the system out. Slimming wraps eliminate excess fluids and toxins by drawing them out through skin pores. They can be coupled with a massage to break down the fat. You also have wraps that help hydrate and nourish the skin such as rose, which also calms the mind and a caviar wrap has anti-ageing properties.” Here are other popular ones…


Here clay is infused with ingredients like dark chocolate oil, the essence of cocoa, almond oil and vitamin extracts. The wrap is a treat as the aroma is pleasant and it can uplift the mood owing to its chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which elevate the mood. The cocoa butter in it is a good moisturising agent. “This works as a slimming wrap as cocoa acts as an active ingredient to break down body fat,” says Nisha.


One of the most sought-after wraps, is therapeutic mud or clay . It is lightly massaged into the skin before the wrap starts, and aims to cleanse and detoxify. These wraps increase circulation and remove excess water, firming the skin. A variety of clays are used, such as bentonite, red, green, or with Dead Sea clay . Says Natasha, “The green clay body wrap, known for its detox properties draws out toxins, gives taut, glowing skin and removes the dead layers, too. On a deeper level, clay wraps relieve joint, rheumatic and arthritis pain along with on the outside calm, heal and soothe sensitive skin.” Adds Dr Mane, ” A paste of cotton or black moor mud decongests skin, it supplies nutrients, regenerates the skin, fights wrinkles, spotting and sagging skin, making it smooth and bright.”


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