8 Best #Juices for #Weight #loss

Weight Loss is a major concern for all the obese people and even those who are terminally ill due to the side effects of obesity or other diseases. As they have physical limitations and cannot exercise, they can opt for going on an all juice diet which is effortless, is full of nutrition and most importantly helps in shedding weight easily. Juices are liquid extracts of edible products like fruits, vegetables and herbs. Blending these fruits and vegetables juices are known to help in weight loss. I wish to draw the attention of my readers towards some of these effective juices that can help in shedding the excess kilos.

Slimmer’s shot:

Juices of beetroot, carrot, orange, celery, spinach can be blended in equal proportions. Add a dash of lemon and the juice of an inch of ginger to make a potent mix for shedding the extra baggage. This mix ensures elimination of the toxins, aiding proper digestion, boosting the immunity thus systematically losing weight.

Pineapple Green:

This unusual mix of juices is excellent for rapid weight loss and detoxifying the system simultaneously. It can be prepared by peeling a kiwi, add it to equal portions of broccoli and cucumber (unpeeled) with twice the portion of pineapple. Blend it in a mixer and consume it immediately.

Lemonade funk:

Another excellent juice for weight loss can be extracted from a combination of apples, lemon, yellow bell pepper and a piece of ginger. These fruits and vegetables can be juiced together and the output is required to be taken immediately for best results. People who have a bitter and strong taste can really take to drinking this juice.

Tomato with strawberries:

Combine tomato juice with strawberry juice in 2:1 ratio along with the juice of a few sprigs of basil leaves. The combination of this juice is an awesome weight loss product as it gives the stomach, a feeling of fullness and gets rid of cravings. It is extremely nutritious and can be had whenever hunger pangs strike.

Celery Juice:

This is a vegetable that possesses low calories. It is highly nutritious and is therefore ideal juice for weight loss. It not only gives instant energy but also prevents dehydration of the body. Since the fibre is squeezed out completely it makes the juice readily digestible and can be consumed many times a day.

Pear with Ginger:

Pear juice combined with the juice of at least an inch long piece ginger is another excellent product for losing weight gradually. It can be blended with lots of ice in a blender to add zing to the juice. Full of anti-oxidants this juice should be tried out when it is in season.

Spicy orange with pineapple:

An unusual combination of fruit juice with chilli juice, this serves the purpose of losing weight by enhancing the metabolism. The pineapple in this concoction helps in the eliminating the mucus that are known to attract the fat tissues. Equal proportions of both orange and pineapple with a half a piece of chilli can be blended in the juicer after deseeding both the orange and chilli. It is best when a couple of ice cubes and two drops of lime juice are added to this mixture of juice.

Apple and berry mix:

The juice of 3 apples when combined with 5 ounces of fresh cranberry juice and 2 ounces blueberry juice (fresh) makes an excellent concoction for rapid weight loss. They are extremely nutritious as they contain the important vitamins and minerals and prevent the body from getting weak in the process of losing weight.

All in all it can be concluded that juices, especially a good combination of fruit and vegetables are ideal for making people weigh less. However consumption of a variety of juices is a temporary method only so one should ideally consult a dietician regarding these juices.


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