#DidYouKnow #healthy #snacking can help you manage your #weight!


Have snacks that help you lose weight, control your hunger hormones and provides you more energy.

Whether you believe it or not, the body doesn’t want to store fat, it’s like a big burden on the whole system. The key to lasting weight loss is not all about having diet after diet and working endlessly in the gym. Instead, it’s about working with your body’s natural hunger and sleep rhythms to curb cravings, burn fat and send your energy levels soaring.

Experts believe that our bodies inner eat and sleep clocks have gone for a toss, thanks to the so-called hectic lifestyle and unhealthy food we keep eating every now and then, all resulting in a constant a constant flow of hunger hormones that makes your cravings all but impossible to resist.

But if you really wanna manage your weight, get your body tuned into tune its natural eat and sleep schedules, and soon you will be saying goodbyes to your extra weight and unwanted hunger cravings.

Here’s what to eat between meals so you can continue to fit into your favorite dress:


As if you needed another excuse to eat nuts, these fatty legumes are a great source of mood-boosting magnesium. Without enough magnesium in your body, the part of the brain that regulates melatonin is thrown off, disrupting your sleep.


Almost any fruit is going to make a great snack, but it’s better to pair it with a bit of protein to make it more satisfying, unlike carbohydrates, which get used up relatively quickly, protein will help sustain your energy and hunger levels for a couple of hours.


Your morning snack attack is caused by a dip in blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich oatmeal stays in your stomach for hours.

Protein Powder:

It’s not just for gym runners! Protein powder contains amino acids that burn fat and build muscle. Add two teaspoons to a smoothie for a fat-busting drink.


Calcium helps break down fat and may even prevent it from forming! Always pick low-fat or fat-free dairy over the full-fat versions.


Tea, especially green tea, is rich in antioxidants that have been proven to speed metabolism. Skip bottled teas, processing has depleted them of slimming nutrients. Instead, steep a tea bag in one cup of hot water for two.

Protein bar:

When choosing an energy bar as a snack, the rules are the same: Look for bars with 200 calories or less, 10 grams of protein and close to 5 grams of fiber.


Use snacks to fill nutritional gaps. Make your snacks count. Choose those that provide calcium and fiber two nutrients that people often skimp on. Two snacks to try: a cup of yogurt with a half-cup of whole-grain cereal mixed in, or a skim latte plus an apple.


Seeds contain a lot of the same healthy nutrients as nuts. Choose low salt or salt-free seeds; the salt on the shells can make this healthy snack much less healthy after all.

Eating snacks with the right ratio of nutrients, with the right calories, will help keep you body energized and help you lose weight. Protein fuels the growth of lean muscle mass, which boosts metabolic rate and increases calorie burn. Fiber, meanwhile, helps improve digestion and keeps you from binging on fats and sugars.

So while there’s no food that will literally “burn fat” while you eat it, smart choices will help your body operate at maximum efficiency.

Check out some of our healthy Snacks!



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