Tying the #knot this #summer? You may need these #tips

Tying the knot this summer? You may need these tips (Getty Images)If your big day is around the corner this summer, don’t lose your cool due to the scorching heat. With all that over bearing jewellery and silk saris, the heat will get to you. But here are a few tips to keep you cool this summer on your wedding day:

1. Move the wedding indoors to an air-conditioned hall. If you are keen on an outdoor wedding, then make sure you give the guests quirky and well-decorated sunglasses.

2. Hydrate yourself from time to time. Drink water and make sure there are enough water bottles for your guests.

3. Amidst all the ceremonies and rituals, don’t forget to eat a light meal.

4. Makeup plays a key role in a wedding. You don’t want to sweat and smudge the makeup, do you? Avoid liquid makeup this summer.

5. Opt for a comfortable attire like long gowns for the reception instead of the heavy lehengas and cholis. How does a long dress with a slit sound?

6. Keep the drinks flowing. A cocktail/mocktail counter will make this wedding a hit. A chat counter will also work. Don’t forget the ice cream counter; guests will definetly look forward to that one.

7. A pool-side reception exclusively for friends and close family members will be a great idea! Plan the reception for your close circle of friends and it will be a memorable evening!


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