Here are 5 reasons why we think that #neem #honey is definitely value for #money

When we think of neem, we think of purity, green leaves and a very bitter taste. Now pair that up with the extra sweet honey and you’ve got yourself a winner…

Did you know that honey was consumed by the Greek athletes in the Olympics in ancient times, since it is said to have boosted their energy levels and performance. Call it the steroid of the ancient times, and it may just be Usain Bolt’s well-kept secret! Neem honey is a bitter sweet honey that is produced from the nectar source of neem flowers, common to tropical countries like India. Ayurveda has stressed on the brilliance of this potion time and again, claiming that neem honey works like magic for the body.

Here are 5 reasons why we think that neem honey is definitely value for money

  1. Sheds those extra kilos

The neem honey combination has proven to be a potent weapon against fat. It aids weight loss since neem juice alone has shown to aid fat breakdown and help shed weight, especially around the belly area. Now you can team that up with honey, which furthers the effect by adding pace to your metabolism so that you burn more calories every day. A spoon thrice a day mixed with warm water and lemon juice could work wonders for you guys. Try it!

  1. Battles diabetes

As if making you thinner wasn’t tempting enough, here’s another big booster that works for you if you start off with neem honey. The organic neem honey has agents that help regulate the blood sugar levels, and battle diabetes, reducing the risk of the condition by not allowing excess sugar to float around in your blood-stream. One step closer to a healthy life and one step farther from diabetes.

  1. Builds immunity and prevents you coughing your lungs out

Neem and honey together have proven to outfox colds and viral infections, since honey is a natural anti-viral. So neem honey has shown to be able to stop you from sneezing your heart out and coughing your lungs out at funerals, board meetings, in bed!  In a Pennsylvania State College of Medicine study, a spoonful of honey outclassed over-the-counter cold tonics.

  1. Clears up your blood

Just like the water in your homes needs purification, so does your blood. Especially if you plan to lavishly include alcohol and tobacco in your lifestyle and further darken your blood. The neem in the honey has strong purification properties and purifies your blood, making it as good as new and giving you healthier skin and more energy thanks to the increased oxygen levels in your blood.

  1. Turns boring breakfasts into fun

This isn’t exactly a ‘health’ reason for you guys but it’s important nevertheless! You cannot have boring food. That’s the worst thing that could happen. Be it a boring toast or a sad bowl of breakfast cereal, this magic potion possesses the power to turn that into a delicious meal without sacrificing the health aspect. Enjoy the cheat meals!


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