Tips to make sure that you don’t #cheat on your #diet

Tips to make sure that you don't cheat on your diet (Getty Images)Convincing yourself to go on a diet is only half the battle won. With an array of restaurants ready to serve you lipsmacking dishes, budding home chefs inviting you into their homes to try out unique cuisines and easy-to-make recipes readily available on the Internet, it is of little surprise that piling on pounds is the easiest thing that can happen to you. While self restraint is not always possible, sticking to a diet is not as difficult as you think. Here is some help…

One of the first things that you need to do if you’re serious about losing weight is to clear out your kitchen of all temptation. Empty your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets of all junk food that is unhealthy and high in calories. The next obvious step is to replace all those unhealthy items with healthy snacks so that the next time you feel hungry, you don’t have to reach out to anything that you will regret eating later.

Distraction is the key when it comes to dodging those hunger pangs. The next time you feel tempted to bite into that pastry, distract your mind with something. It could either be calling a friend, watching some thing on TV or surfing the Internet. If none of these work, try drinking a glass of water. That will satiate you till the temptation passes.

Don’t wait till the last moment to plan your meal. Instead sit down on the weekend and plan your meals for the entire week. This will lessen the chances of cheating on your diet and regretting it the next day.

Allow yourself some leeway once in a while. Reward yourself with a small portion of your favourite treat every time you reach a mile stone. This way, you will also lower those pangs you get each time you think of your favourite food.Treating yourself now and then will also motivate you to work harder at your diet.

Eating out is often synonymous with overeating. People almost always end up eating more than they ought to when they dine at a restaurant, which is why if you’re on a diet, it is best to eat at home.

Another effective technique is to carry your lunchbox from home instead of eating at the office canteen or ordering from the neighbourhood restaurant.Not only do you save yourself from eating extra calories, think of all the money you will save by following this simple exercise.

Figure out if you’re an emotional eater. People often don’t realise that they veer towards their favourite comfort foods when they’re upset, sad or even happy. Deal with your frame of mind before tucking into your favourite albeit unhealthy snacks.

Use smaller plates to eat, have several smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big ones and simply focus on the food on your plate during mealtimes. Switch off all electronic appliances -avoid reading, watching tv, surfing the Internet or fiddling with your smart phone when you eat.

Keep a journal that records every meal that you consume.This will give you a fair idea of where you’re going wrong and what you can do to stay on track.


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