How to #enjoy your own #company

How to enjoy your own company (Getty Images)Eating, shopping and going for a movie alone is an exercise and a confidence booster. While some are content with their own company, it takes a lot of courage for many others to enjoy a meal alone. Here are some tips if you decide on taking the plunge…

– When you plan to go out eating alone, get something to read with you. That way, you don’t have to rely on anyone in order to be entertained. It could be a comic book or a collection of short stories that you might want to flip through for a quick read.

– Order something that is easier to eat. You do not want to get messy and be embarrassed by all the people around you. Plus, it is easier to manage reading with something that is hassle-free. If you are the only one at the eatery whose come alone, you are going to gain a lot of attention and it is only better to ensure that it is not unnecessary. Also, make sure that you call for something that you can finish all by yourself to avoid wastage.

– Since you go with an intention to soak in everything around you, it gives you a good enough time to look around and observe people.

– Eventually you’ll figure out that people are all too self-absorbed to judge you eating alone… nobody really has the time to think that way. You get time to reflect on yourself and all your actions. You pay more attention to what you are eating and maybe, this could result in you becoming a great food-tester.

– If the cafeteria is a younger place, you might want to chat with the staff at the hotel, too.

– You tend to order stuff that you normally haven’t ordered. Avoid using a cellphone or finishing your tasks.

– Sit near the counter and avoid places that don’t serve quickly. If you haven’t been on a solo thing ever, it might add up to your woes. A place with live music, too, will work for you.


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