What’s #wrong with your #diet?

What's wrong with your diet? (Getty Images)It is very easy to lose hope when you are clueless about your own efforts. You have been eating well, exercising regularly and firmly controlling your cravings, yet the pair of sexy jeans you bought last year refuse all your efforts of wriggling in. Where lies the fault, cries your heart and you are almost on the verge of giving up on your weight loss regime. But have you ever thought that all your efforts might be going in vain because of a few ‘healthy mistakes’ that you have been making?

Celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani who has recently launched a weight loss programme for busy professionals who want to stay fit, or those who want a customized diet plan to address a specific health issue like diabetes, hypertension, IBS, food allergy, heart ailments, says, “The best thing is that people these days are largely aware of the issues that may impact their health. Almost every other person is doing one thing or the other to stay fit. But there are only a few who actually see their efforts fructify.”

Weight loss is a step by step measure and there is no one thing that will lead to that astounding makeover.

For gradual weight loss, include the following in your daily diet.

-As a daily ritual that you never skip, drink 3-4 litres water daily.
-Cut down on all refined cereals like pasta, white bread, white rice, noodles etc.
-At least 30 minutes of exercise daily is a must.
-Don’t compromise on your sleep. It should not be less than 7-8 hours.
-Chalk out time for unwinding and de-stressing by indulging in the activity you enjoy.
-Cut down on indulgences like chocolates, sweets, fizzy drinks or alcoholic beverages.
-Your meals should be small and frequent.
-Take light and early dinner maximum by 8 pm.
-Have plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet.
-Limit alcohol & avoid smoking. Alcohol intake should not be more than 30 ml a day.

How much oil one must consume daily
As a normal adult with a 2000 calorie diet it is recommended 20 – 25 g of oil ( 4-5 tsp) and not more. If you are looking for weight loss, you can cut it down to 2-3 tsp. The quality of oil should be high in PUFA & MUFA and preferably cold pressed oils should be used. Avoid hydrogenated oils.

Should Ghee and and butter be shunned completely?
There is no need to completely give up butter and clarified butter. Cow ghee or clarified butter has health benefits also and can be consumed but not more than 1-2 tsp / day . Eating too much can lead to high cholesterol as it is high in saturated fat content

Should one never eat sweets?
You can treat yourself with your favorite food once a week provided you are eating in moderation & burning it out by doing some physical activity. As per American Heart Association if one is healthy and free from any disease, he can consume up to 30g ( 6 tsp) of sugar every day.

Sandhya Gugnani says that snacking is a habit which is mainly responsible for weight gain. To curb in between meals hunger pangs, we indulge in foods that are greasy and unhealthy. Here is a list of snacks that you can indulge in, guilt free.

-Fresh fruits
-Raw vegetables like cucumber, beetroot, carrots, celery, red and green pepper
-Peanut butter or low-fat cottage cheese -A whole wheat English muffin with a cup of herbal tea.

-Whole-grain crackers

-Cereals like museli / oats with yogurt and honey

-A handful of nuts, dried fruits.

 -Hummus on whole-wheat pita-bread
-A smoothie (blend non-fat milk and/or yogurt with fruit)
A healthy and balanced meal based on the following diet chart will lead to healthy weight loss, provided you follow it diligently.

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