Don’t discard the #fruit #peel

2016-05-07 (3)The next time you start peeling that apple before eating, think twice. If experts are to be believed, eating certain fruits and vegetables with the peel is far healthier.

Says clinical nutritionist Ishi Khosla, “People tend to overlook basic nutritious facts about the foods they prepare. The trend of eating various foods without their skin causes one to miss out on the beneficial effects of essential nutrients. For example, almond skin is a good source of antioxidants. The flavonoids in almond skin team up with the vitamin E in the nut, doubling the antioxidant punch. Almond skin contains polyphenols as well, which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Almonds are also high in fibre, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.”

Adds dietician Dr Rajnish Verma, “Eating the skin of certain fruits and vegetables can boost your vitamin intake, increase energy levels and even combat cancer. The outer layer of fruits is rich in potassium and healthy sodium. These provide the roughage to scrub out the intestinal tract.”

Says Khosla, “Orange and lemon peels can be added to cakes and pastries. Orange peel not only enhances the taste, but also provides four times more fibre than the fruit. Unpeeled cucumber also contains many vital nutrients. It is a major source of Vitamin K (essential for blood clotting), Vitamin C and magnesium.”


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