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2016-05-07 (13)Animal flow workout

This workout taps into your primal instincts to get you to move your body in ways you’ve never imagined before! (Pun intended) You’ll go through a series of functional bodyweight movements that fuse gymnastics, acrobatics and breakdancing. You will be doing all these workouts staying on the ground and trying to engage all the muscles at once. You will walk like an elephant, twist like a tiger, jump like an ape! This is a heavy sweat-it-out workout.

Wave workout

Inspired by surfers, you have to move like waves. This 45-minute, equipment-free workout draws on the multidimensional movement patterns of surfing to build explosive strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. As a result you get a tight, toned body.


The rowing craze is quickly catching and has almost become the new ‘spinning’. This workout tones your muscles as rowing is high intensity. If you want those perfectly toned arms, get rowing!


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