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Work-life balance (Getty Images)Keep your workout routine in sync with your lifestyle. The crisp winter breeze, layers of fashionable clothing and sheer joy of celebrating with loved ones; what’s not to love about this season? If there’s anything that can steal the charm of winters, it has to be your own body’s physiological response to the chilly weather. “Winters can make one sluggish. Of course, it all depends on which part of the country you call home. The best way to stay motivated is to stay in well-lit places,” explains a Fitness Expert.

Burn calories indoors

Apart from weather conditions, winters are also the unofficial party season of the year. It’s difficult to make working out a priority when you have frequent weddings, engagements and anniversaries. Enter home workout routines. Working out within the confines and comfort of your home can be only as rewarding as the amount of effort you are willing to invest. If individual yoga asanas have always been your go-to formula, push the boundary this season and try surya namaskar, the 12-step holistic yoga workout that strikes the right balance between muscular stretching and cardiovascular exercise.

Balance is key

Partying hard this season while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle can feel like a tightrope walk. The key to acing this game is moderation and compensation.”Opt for social gatherings during lunch or early evenings so you can compensate by eating a healthy dinner. Avoid binge eating or drinking excessively. If you really can’t avoid guilty pleasures, choose snacks that are not deep fried and fruit-based desserts,” advises lifestyle consultant Dhruv Singhal.


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