#Dance #workouts, you cannot miss

Dance workouts, you cannot miss (Getty Images)Achieving the ultimate fitness goal is a never ending process. And if your monotonous fitness regime ceases to motivate you and give the desired results, then here are a few exciting rhythmic workouts to keep you charged.

Bokwa Fitness

This workout is apt for those who are looking for intense cardio aerobic activity, but the interesting part is that it follows a rhythmic format. It is a combination with South African war dance – Capoeira along with kickboxing. The moves are quite vigorous and can help you burn up to 1,200 calories in a single session. “Through the use of fast paced extreme movement, it sums up to be a fun, challenging and an energising full body workout.

If you’re not the one who normally enjoys the gym, Bokwa may be right up your alley, many participants say that the dance doesn’t feel like exercise because they’re having so much fun,” says Ruchika Tolani, an instructor. Since the steps are structured and based on the forms of letters and numbers like L, 3, J, K etc you needn’t count steps, like a traditional eight count followed by most dance-based fitness programs. You can freely move with the beat.

Tabata workout

It is a combination of cross-fit and interval training, it’s also known as the four minute workout. The workout gets it name from Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese physician and researcher also the creator of Tabata. “For someone seeking to experience quick results, then this workout is just perfect. The workout is short on time and tough on fat. Tabata is a unique form of cardiovascular exercise that delivers more healthy benefits than virtually all traditional physical exercises,” says Lavina Khanna, an instructor.

Struggling with busy schedules and setting unachievable fitness goals is everybody’s story. This training pattern may condense the time spent on exercise and help get desired results.


This dance workout is a fusion of various international styles. The dance form has sassy moves which comprise of street and urban styles. So that’s where the energy level rises.

Twerking, whacking are the dance hall moves that make the workout fun. It’s a high intensity regime and can make you shake your leg even on Hindi as well as international numbers. You’ll sweat it out with this high power-packed workout resulting in over all toning.


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