Tips to attract ‘good’ #energy for your #home

2016-05-07 (19)In Feng Shui, the exterior surroundings are the most important aspects affecting the chi flowing into your home. Hence, looking at the exterior, environment and the interior of a home will help in ascertaining the flaws and the positive trends the building inherits.

Creating balance and harmony through proper arrangement of the interior layout and inviting exterior will ensure that the Feng Shui of the space is beneficial to the occupants in turn giving rise to prosperity and happiness.

It’s a fact that home is where we spend most of our time with the family and all those who are dear and close in our lives. Hence, focusing on the quality of energy, keeping the flow clean and smooth is essential.

In the science of Feng Shui, it is said that chi is influenced by everything concrete in our lives. Our possessions and where they are located can all affect chi energy. Even the layout of our homes and offices affects Chi energy. By adding and taking away objects, changing the positioning of furniture, plants, wall art and more, we can increase our good luck.

Feng Shui has two parts, the visible and the invisible. The visible factors are walls, doors, streets. The invisible factor is chi. This life force energy and predecessor influences are energies of people who previously lived in your house, ghosts, energies in the land. Every person, place and thing is alive with the universal energy called ‘Chi’. Everything is connected by this vital energy that is always changing. When we integrate the Feng Shui principles into our live, we see and interact with the world in a new powerful way.

Understanding the science of Feng Shui and adapting it in the design of homes calls for precision combined with tasteful aesthetics. When we look at a building the first impression we derive determines the kind of energy existing within it and you get a feel about the lifestyle of the occupants too. Comfort and convenience are key factors when planning a home or even a room placement, storage, furniture arrangements and layout.

If you live in a house with bad history, or you’ve had many negative experiences in the house, you need to cleanse the space with saline water, incense sticks and lights. l If you have two or more doors in direct alignment, especially if it is the front door and back door, suspend wind chime or crystal or a moving object to slow down the chi flow.

An attractive, well-kept door will attract good chi, whereas a run-down door will cause bad chi to enter your home.

Clear pathways and keep hallways, driveways, open and clear free for energy to flow.

De clutter attics, lofts, garage and basement and keep them clean.

Pay particular attention to clogged drains and leaky pipes. As conduits for energy, they should be kept clear at all times.

SBS Surendran, Master Feng Shui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner


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