Ways to #hassle-free #hair this #summer

2016-06-04 (11)Summers are here and how! With the temperatures soaring with every passing day, we need to start taking extra care of your health. While, we all feel that winters are bad for our tresses, summers too are extremely harsh on them. Here are a few simple ways to take care of your crowning glory this season…

Wash your hair every alternate day

First and most important thing that we need to keep in mind, is that, our hair attracts a lot of dirt, dust and pollution during summers, as we sweat a lot. Sweat makes the hair sticky first, and then dry and frizzy later. Make sure you take a hair wash every two days to get rid of all the dust and dirt. This will leave your hair feeling refreshed; also making sure that you brush it more often will keep it neat and untangled.

Indulge in a hair spa once a week

No need to go for those expensive hair spa sessions at branded salons, you can get a hair spa done at home as well. Simply buy a hair spa kit loaded with the spa cream and ocules, mix the same and apply on your hair by separating sections. Leave it on for about two hours and then wash it. If done once a week, this will make sure you hair remains healthy and will also prevent weather damage.

Scarf it up

For those who travel to work by public transport, making sure you cover your tresses is very important. Carry a cotton scarf whenever you venture out, tie it around your hair so that not even a single strand is left out. Do not wrap it too tightly, loosely tie it around your hair to make sure it has enough breathing space. This will make sure you hair do not come in contact with unnecessary dust, pollution and wind.