Are you ready to try these #trends?

2016-06-18 (1)You need not go as far as Aishwarya Rai did at the Cannes Film Festival this year; but some OTT beauty trends can be worn without turning heads the wrong way.


Imagine grabbing a marker pen and drawing a broad, black, bold line, mimicking the line of the eye, somewhere below the brow. The artsy graphic liner of 2016 is a lot closer to sketching than beautifying. If you don’t wish to go black, try a pop of colour and a funky design – anything from dots that stretch into a cat eye look to quirky creations with lines. When applying the graphic liner, keep the eyebrows natural and well groomed. Skin should be matte and natural with petal-stain lips. To sum it up, let the overall look be very clean and minimal.


After fashion, ‘androgyny’ has burst into the beauty segment. For gender-bending make-up, go for an extremely raw, edgy and grungy look. Think deconstructed glamour – no distraction in the form of fancy eye-makeup or bright lipstick. It’s important to prepare your canvas which is your skin. A good exfoliator and a BB cream can work wonders for a naturally-glowing skin. To create a sculpted and defined brow, tweeze away any stray hair, but largely leave your eyebrows looking bushy. Complete the look with a smudged or smokey lower lash line and wet, just-out- of-the- shower, gelled hair.


While the Japanese are known to have great skin, they also have distinct eyebrows. If you are not used to experimenting with your brows, start with this Japanese-influenced look for a good amount of change. The strong samurai brows add a dash of quirk to your face and contrast well with the clean and minimal make-up palette. To create the statement arch, grab an eyebrow pencil in the ideal shade and darken your brows. Then, using a natural soap bar, cover the outer corners so that the little tail at the end is hidden. You are almost done after you eliminate the tail; give a finishing touch to your brows with the pencil if needed. For the skin, go for a perfectly sculpted look.

Tip: For some more fun, add a flash of orange on the lower lash lines.


The vintage look never really goes out of style. This year, hair updos all over the international ramps showcased big, retro hair – scarf-tied updos, finger-waves, perfectly-coiled locks, baby bangs or smooth upswept rolls. These timeless hairstyles exude feminine charm and mystique. The real challenge is to wear them without looking like you’re caught in a time warp. A clean finish is what matters most with pin-up hairstyles. Keep the look soft and romantic by picking a rosebud stain for lips and cheeks instead of bright red. Finish with a thin eyeliner, dash of mascara and sheen on inner corner of the eyes, bridge of your nose, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.