When your ex becomes your co-worker

When your ex becomes your co-workerOffice breakups are the toughest, especially because you have to see you’re ex every day at work and if that is not enough you’ve to work with them as well. An office breakup can affect you in several ways and can be very demotivating. We give you a few tips on how to deal with your ex when he/she is a co-worker!

– Be professional. Don’t bring your personal problems to work. As difficult as it may seem, treat your ex as just another employee at work.

– What is the status of the relationship now? Is he/she your friend now or just a colleague or will you consider dating them again? If you have made up your mind about moving on in life, it is better to cut them out.

– If you haven’t gotten over the breakup as yet, don’t talk about the relationship with your ex at work. It will only disturb the both of you!

– Don’t gossip. Don’t backbite about your ex to your other co- workers, as they are going to find out sooner or later. Let the breakup stay between the two of you.

– Your ex is going to move on. If you see him/her get close to someone else at work, just ignore. It is hard to watch the person you loved, flirt with someone else, but acceptance is the best way to go about it. Do not react.

– If he/she is ignoring you at work and behaves as though nothing has happened, follow suit. You don’t have to go out of the way to find out what the issue is. Now that you have broken up, it is better to mind your own business.

– Don’t let the breakup demotivate you at work. Set higher goals and work towards them. Distraction will help.

– Increase your non-work social life. It is better to hang out with friends who are not your colleagues. Avoid talking about the breakup, and distract yourself completely.

– If you ex is doing everything to sabotage you at work, take time and clear out the differences. If that doesn’t work, take the issue to a higher official and discuss the matter.

– Let time heal you. It might take a while, but time certainly will help!