Is your #man really into you?

Is your man really into you?Everyone is familiar with the initial stages of a relationship, where one has butterflies in their stomach thinking about their significant other. Are the ladies out there wondering if their guy is really into the relationship? Don’t worry, it is perfectly natural to wonder if your man is really into you. Here are some tell-tale signs that will give him away, no matter how hard he tries to keep it casual. Take note, ladies…

He is showing you off

It is not just about dates and the time you two get to spend alone, yet together. He is not afraid of taking you home and introducing you to his family. “We have heard a lot about you,” is a line that is almost like an assurance that he is into you. Notice that proud smile on his face, when he also introduces you to his friends?

He is proactive and makes plans

He is always excited about making plans with you.He is more than eager to head to that newly opened restaurant in town or catch the latest movies or go to the theatre to watch a play with you. More importantly, all his plans involve you.

Body language is the biggest give away

If you catch him looking at you a lot, or slouching his shoulders towards you, know that his feelings for you are true. Take note of those small gestures -like when he is trying to hold your hand, those affectionate hugs, appreciating you for your look or that new haircut -all these gestures indicate that your man is falling for you…hook, line and sinker!

He actually listens to you

The litmus test of any relationship -does your man listen to you? Or is he someone who only talks about himself all the time? A guy who likes you and wants to make the relationship work, will always listen carefully to what you have to say . He will seek your opinion and more importantly, respect it.

He’s not afraid to make a fool of himself

A guy who likes you will always do his best to make you smile. As cliche as this may sound, he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself and is constantly cracking meaningless jokes, just to make you laugh.

He believes in your dreams

He is someone who is always encouraging you and believes in your dreams. He is by your side whenever you embark on a new endeavour. Now isn’t that a sign enough to tell you that he is into you?