#Kitchen #hacks for #vegetarian #singles

Dinner-table-1024x681Is your house the place your friends head to after a night-out. With these must-haves in your fridge, you’ve got a delicious after-party made:


Baby kale or swiss chard, cream, blue cheese, Indian gruyer or parmesan cheese (not grated), honey -ideally wild, hearty whole Dijon mustard, quality mayonnaise, linguine or angel hair pasta, olive oil, apple cider vinegar or balsamic, baguette, homemade cooked and pureed tomato, sauce and zucchini.


Coconut water is an incredible liquid which, when used in place of tonic or soda, makes your favourite drink taste sublime. Buy fresh coconuts, pour out the juice into a dish and freeze or refrigerate for when you need it. When serving, make sure your glasses are shiny and clinking with big cubes of ice.


Disappear into the kitchen to produce a salad of crunchy greens like baby kale unsliced, or swiss chard sliced thin. These leaves, for which you will have to visit a slightly organic store, are worth it for they have more crunch and substance than a bag of mixed lettuce i.e mood of the room. If they Gauge the mood of the room. If they are in the mood for blue, then crumble a knife edge worth of blue cheese into the vinaigrette dressing (made with a couple of spoons of olive oil, a spoon of vinegar, salt ,and sugar) and coat well into the salad. Add a few slices of pear. The result is amazing and verging on gourmet.

Salad option 2: Use only the greens. Make a honey mustard dressing by adding a generous spoon each of honey and the mustard to your vinaigrette and thinly slicing several pieces of the yellow hard cheese on top of your greens before you launch yourself into kitchen stardom.Salad can either be served on a flat vintage platter, oversized ceramic or a wooden bowl and always with a long serving spoon and fork.


If your friends look hungry for more and you are in the mood to impress further,boil up one of the most elegant, fast-cooking noodles in the world-angel hair pasta.Heat a spoon of homemade marinara sauce,add a small dollop of cream. Spoon onto the cooked pasta and toss together. Add more olive oil and check for salt. Slice and saute a zucchini until it’s slightly charred. Place the zucchini on top of the pasta. You’re done. Chili flakes on the side will only make them love you more. Serve small-ish quantities in large-ish bowls.

How to make marinara sauce: Saute half a medium onion and two cloves of crushed garlic in olive oil until soft. Add two diced tomatoes. Cook for about 15 minutes during which you add a pinch each of salt and sugar.Once the tomatoes are fully cooked, allow to cool and make the puree in a blender. Put in a jar in the fridge where it can keep for 2-3 days.


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